Perfomance Construction

Your portfolio is constructed for your specific needs, risk tolerance and your investment objectives

Grassi Investment Management, LLC works with each client to understand their needs and designs a portfolio tailored for their investment objectives. We believe that it is the asset allocation of a portfolio that dictates how much risk will be present in it. This allocation will insure that the portfolio fluctuations are well within the risk tolerance of each investor. We manage portfolios consisting of all equities, all fixed income as well as balanced portfolios and make sure each client understands the choices they have in constructing a portfolio. Additionally, we have extensive experience in designing portfolios with an emphasis on income, growth and preservation of capital to make sure all our client’s needs are met.

Income portfolios seek investment in blue chip, high dividend paying stocks in companies that are ideally increasing their dividends on a regular basis.

Growth portfolios have additional focus on capital appreciation, investing in developing technologies and sectors that may be more favorable due to macroeconomic conditions.

Preservation of capital is always important, and making sure client assets are protected in the case of market volatility remains a constant effort. We invest in blue chip companies that have stable cash flows and remain profitable regardless of market conditions and create a bond ladder that serves as the foundation of a balanced portfolio.