Contact Us – Reach out to Grassi via phone, email, or our contact page. We will get you in touch with an advisor who will discuss any initial questions and set up an in-person meeting.

Initial Consultation – This meeting will allow for you and your potential advisor to gather information about your goals and investment objectives.

Assess Priorities – Discuss what is important to you as the client. Review risk priorities. Is growth more important than capital preservation? Would you like to focus on dividend paying stocks? What would you like to accomplish with your portfolio?

Onboarding –We would discuss all required paperwork needed to either open a new account or link an existing account and ensure a smooth transition for your portfolio.

Review Current Portfolio – Discuss current positions in the client’s portfolio. Which positions they would like to keep, and those they are comfortable selling. Also discuss concerns and guidelines for the client portfolio.

Choosing a Portfolio Strategy – Once the review is complete it is important to discuss the goals of the portfolio with the client in order to make sure we have the correct strategy. Your advisor will discuss with you our different portfolio strategies (growth, income, balanced, fixed income) and draft an investment guideline.

Follow Up – Each client will receive quarterly reports and a phone call from their advisor. We are available by phone, email and in person meeting at the client’s request.